Custom Options Window & Door Glazing - Geelong, Melbourne & surrounding areas

Almost all custom-made Windows and Doors manufactured at Pickering Joinery are glazed with performance glass.

We offer a number of glazing options including double glazing, low E glass and coloured or obscure glass.

Double Glazing

Double glazing is the ideal glazing choice when building or renovating. It helps to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer with the added benefit of minimising noise.

A Double Glazed Window is made up of two thicknesses of glass separated by a gas-filled sealed space to improve insulation against heat transfer and sound transmission. The sealed space between the two panes of glass acts as an added layer of insulation, reducing the amount of heat escaping during winter and having the reverse effect during summer by preventing unwanted heat from entering your home, ultimately reducing your energy costs.

At Pickering Joinery almost all of our custom-made Windows and Doors are available Double Glazed, including our specialised Pickering European Windows, Double-Hung Windows, Casement Windows, French Doors and Sliding DoorsContact us to discuss if double glazing is suitable for your style of windows or doors.

Low “E” Glazing

Low emissivity “E” glass is an alternative to Double Glazing if your style of window, such as Louvre Windows, is unsuitable for Double Glazing.

Low E glass has a thin, transparent metal coating applied to the glass surface which reduces the rate heat enters or escapes a building. The coating on the glass reflects radiant heat back to the source so that the heat created within a building reflects back into the building, making it more energy efficient.

Low E glazing is suitable for use in any climate and is available in clear or tinted glass to ensure it complements the look of your project.

Obscure Glazing

Obscure Glazing is most commonly used in areas where people want to let light in, but wish to maintain a certain level of privacy such as in a front door or bathroom window. It is usually smooth on one side and textured on the other to diffuse light and obscure the view.

There is a range of obscure or decorative glass to choose from, including textured, patterned and fully opaque glass.

Coloured Glazing

Coloured glass is a great way to make a Glazing statement. There is a range of colours available which can be mixed and matched to provide numerous different colour options.

Whilst we offer a wide range of Glazing options and ongoing support to exisiting clients, we do not provide Glazing replacement services to existing windows.

Contact Pickering Joinery to discuss how you can use coloured Glazing in your custom-made Windows and Doors.