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Custom Timber Sliding Doors - Geelong, Melbourne & surrounds

Sliding Doors are the ideal choice if you want a large expanse of glass in addition to an opening door.

Sliding Doors allow you easy access to outdoor areas so are great as an opening onto decks, alfresco and outdoor living areas. As timber Sliding Doors are usually large glass panels they are the perfect choice if you desire uninterrupted views to outside. There are a wide range of Sliding Door options to suit the style of your build, including top hung systems, bottom-rolling doors and multiple fly-screen options.

Lift and Slide Doors

Lift and Slide Doors are an alternative to classic wooden Sliding Doors. These doors are a European style of Sliding Door. In Europe, double and triple glazing is commonplace to help insulate against cold, white winters and when closed provide maximum protection against the elements . The downside to double and triple glazing is the doors are far heavier than single glazing, which has been standard in Australia. With double glazing now becoming popular, Lift and Slide Doors are also becoming prevalent.

To open a Lift and Slide Sliding Door, the door panel is raised to engage the rolling system and even the largest door panels will roll effortlessly on the tracks. Until engaging the rolling system the weight of the door has not been resting on the rollers, thus reducing wear, tear and damage to the door’s sliding system. When the door is in the lowered position, the sliding door panels are resting in the weather strip, ensuring a weathertight seal.

Contact us to discuss whether custom-made Sliding Doors or European Lift and Slide Doors are ideal for your project. We also manufacture Bi-Fold Doors, French Doors and Stacking Sliding Doors to your exact requirements

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