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Tilt and turn windows Geelong

Tilt and turn windows have been the most popular window choice in Europe for many years.

The design of Pickering European windows is based on the popular tilt and turn style of window. Tilt and turn windows are operated with one handle. When the handle is in the locked position the window is shut. The design of the tilt and turn window ensures it is weather-tight. Turning the handle to tilt allows the window to open inwards from the bottom. This position allows air movement but is secure becausethe opening is restricted to 150mm. When in the open position the window opens inward 180 degrees from the side. This gives quick ventilation and also allows for the outside of the window to be easily cleaned.

Pickering European windows are available in a range of glazing options and can be manufactured with a modern or heritage appearance. Pickering Joinery makes tilt and turn windows to your specifications so get in touch with us to discuss your plans. We also specialise in custom-made timberĀ sliding doors, french doors and pivot doors.

We deliver on:

  • AestheticDesigns that suit your aesthetic
  • Maximum Living SpaceDesigns that maximise your living space
  • Environmentally FriendlyDesigns that are enviromentally friendly