Custom-made Doors Geelong, Melbourne & surrounding areas

Pickering Joinery specialises in custom-made timber Doors.

Pickering Joinery manufactures custom-made modern and traditional-style doors. Heritage doors require large extended sills and external architraves to look authentic and replicate existing period architecture. Pickering Joinery can ensure a seamless blend of your original and new custom timber doors.

We specialise in contemporary bi-fold doors which, when open, bring the outside in and can increase the functionality of an indoor-outdoor area. Sliding doors, lift-and-slide doors as well as stacking sliding doors are also great choices for indoor-outdoor living, with the added advantage of a large expanse of glass to make the most of your view.

We also make French Doors,  quality-made Sliding Doors, pivot doors and Entry Doors to your requirements so they can be modern, imposing or classic, depending on the impression you what to make.

Our timber doors offer you the freedom to select the wood that perfectly complements your design vision, but it’s worth noting that Western Red Cedar and kiln-dried Hardwood consistently emerge as the top choices. Western Red Cedar exudes a timeless elegance with its natural beauty and durability. Its rich, reddish hues and distinctive grain patterns not only make for a stunning visual statement but also ensure long-lasting resilience to the elements. Kiln-dried hardwood, on the other hand, is prized for its exceptional strength and sturdiness. This timber variety, meticulously dried in a controlled environment, is a popular choice for those seeking doors that withstand the test of time while retaining their original charm. For added longevity and protection, we also offer the option of treating some of our timber with Protim, ensuring enhanced durability against the rigors of time and the elements.

We take pride in sourcing all of our timber from sustainably managed forests, ensuring that our production processes are not only beautiful and functional but also ecologically responsible. By adhering to these principles, we are not only safeguarding the future of our natural resources but also delivering products that reflect our dedication to sustainability, making a positive impact on the environment and the communities we serve. In addition, we have invested in technology that compacts by-products such as sawdust and timber shavings into briquettes.

There are numerous glazing options available with our custom-made timber doors, including plain, coloured and obscured glass, low E glass and double glazing.

In addition to doors, Pickering Joinery also custom makes windows, including Sliding Windows, Bi-Fold Windows and Louvre Windows. Make sure you get in touch with us to discuss options for your home.