Viminalis House

Project Location
Jan Juc
NAA Studio
Year Completed
Products Used

Sliding Doors


Sashless Windows

Raked Angle Windows

Timber: KDHW Vic Ash

Willem Viminalus 3662
Willem Viminalus 3672

The Viminalus house in Jan Juc is a divine example of timber on timber working effortlessly inside and out, earning builder CJ Henderson Builders the title of Master Builder of the Year in 2020.

Featuring louvre systems nestled easily between sliding doors, creating not only functional air flow and movement from indoor to out, but also keeping with the smooth lines and minimalist vibe of the entire build.

Willem Viminalus 3677
Willem Viminalus 3683
Willem Viminalus 3682
Willem Viminalus 3674

From the raked angle windows in the living space or the sashless windows in the kitchen, Pickering Joinery has crafted pieces to not only capture as much light as possible, but to also give that impression that there is very little between you and the beautiful Surf Coast nature outside.

Willem Viminalus 3669
Willem Viminalus 3667

The Viminalus house is a great showcase of the diverse and beautiful craftsmanship possible when you have a clear vision and aesthetic in mind. Beauty meets function again and again.

Willem Viminalus 3673
Willem Viminalus 3675
Willem Viminalus 3666
Willem Viminalus 3676
Willem Viminalus 3681