Point Lonsdale House

Project Location
Point Lonsdale
Farnan Findlay Architects
Jardine Homes
Year Completed
Products Used

Round Window

Sashless windows

Bifold Doors

Sliding doors

Raked highlights/Angle windows

Timber: Western Red Cedar

Ed Sloane

The Point Lonsdale house features large runs of sliding doors and stackable bi-fold doors that carry the large double-glazed units with ease.  Built by Jardine Homes it showcases many different types of Pickering Joinery’s expertise, with the large home featuring separate zones for privacy as well as open family spaces.

From your awning window in the laundry to the fabulous porthole window, they both capture the garden view with style. Raked angle windows reaching up to the ceiling offer beautiful lines as well as maximizing natural light. Utilising western red cedar timber, it ties in with the surrounding bush garden perfectly, creating a home that not only looks amazing but offers functional easy to use spaces. The sashless and round windows, paired with the natural beauty of the Bellarine Peninsula make this house truly unforgettable.