Merri Creek House

Project Location
Merri Creek, Northcote
EME Design
Year Completed
Marnie Hawson
Emedesign Northcote Highres-1
Emedesign Northcote Highres-23
Emedesign Northcote Highres-21
Emedesign Northcote Highres-13
Emedesign Northcote Highres-24

EME Design Pty Ltd creatively expressed an extraordinary project at Merri Creek, Victoria, of which has meticulously crafted and thoughtful joinery.

Emedesign Northcote Highres-10

This fresh design elegantly embraces the inherent beauty of the timber’s natural hues and textures. By incorporating the exquisite combination of beautiful timber and elegant glass Sliding Doors, creating a captivating open space indoors, blending natural warmth with a seamless connection to the surrounding environment.

Emedesign Northcote Highres-34
Emedesign Northcote Highres-36
Emedesign Northcote Highres-2
Emedesign Northcote Highres-6

Utilising exquisite timber to facilitate the infiltration of winter sunlight into the communal spaces, and harmoniously blend with the encompassing natural environment.

Additionally, Pickering Joinery are elated to be involved in the transformation, with the original home holding a rating below 1 star, whereas the new home boasts a remarkable 6-star rating.