Coburg House

Project Location
Nicola Dovey - Drawing Room Architecture
DC Building
Year Completed
Products Used

Timber Windows

Timber Doors

Brio 612 Retractable Flyscreens

Marnie Hawson
Cosy Coburg 2l
Cosy Coburg 11l
Cosy Coburg 1l

Discover the epitome of warmth and comfort with Pickering Joinery’s exquisite Windows and Doors featured in the breath-taking renovation nestled in Melbourne’s north. To create a warm and cosy atmosphere, this design focuses on orienting the house to the north, allowing the sun to flood in through large Timber crafted Windows.

Architect Nicola Dovey from Drawing Room Architecture and builder DC Building have skillfully executed a careful reconfiguration of the home, seamlessly preserving its existing charm while introducing modern sustainability updates.

Cosy Coburg 26l

These meticulously crafted Windows and Doors not only enhance the aesthetics of the home but also play a crucial role in its design. As functionality was just as crucial as aesthetics, Pickering Joinery’s Windows and Doors play a pivotal role in creating a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living. Beautiful doors effortlessly link the kitchen to the garden, allowing easy access while enhancing the overall allure of the home.

Our windows and doors have become an integral part of this heart-warming transformation, elevating the experience of the home with their timeless elegance, durability, and impeccable design. Embracing the essence of warmth with these exceptional features, the beauty of surroundings infuse every corner of this living space.

Cosy Coburg 51l

In this exquisite home, the installation of a Brio 612 Retractable Flyscreen has added a touch of modern convenience and comfort to the living space. The Brio 612 is not just any ordinary flyscreen; it’s a seamless blend of innovation and practicality. Its sleek design allows it to discreetly retract when not in use, preserving the unobstructed views of the outdoors. This retractable flyscreen is a testament to both form and function, providing an effective barrier against unwanted pests and insects while allowing natural light and fresh air to flow freely throughout the home. With its easy-to-operate mechanism, homeowners can enjoy a bug-free and comfortable environment at the touch of a button. The Brio 612 Retractable Flyscreen is a subtle yet significant addition to this home, enhancing its livability and ensuring a more enjoyable indoor-outdoor living experience.

Cosy Coburg 15l

Whether you’re inside relishing the sunlit interiors or outside basking in the natural surroundings, Pickering Joinery’s Windows and Doors add a touch of timeless elegance, elevating the overall ambiance of this truly captivating sanctuary.